A documentary of the first session from KYOTO Design Lab

Session|September 2018 – January 2019 This is a joint studio with Lucerne Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. It involves the development of ongoing collaborative research under the theme of “water and culture” combined with a comparative study of Lake Biwa and Lake Lucerne. While addressing the same theme in two regions with diverging cultures […]

In a slow and subtile way the surface is flowing down the mountain with its aim to reach the lake. As a result the earth is shaped like sloping waves. In consequence the highway, wich is running parallel to the shore, could not be based on the surface. The pillars lead up to forty meters below ground level. They are protected by oval shaped shafts, which are also grounded on the rocky base beneath the floating layers of earth. When it comes to buildings or infrastructures like streets, the shape of the topography is sectioned. The subterranean water pervades threw the stone silhouettes of the sectioned landscape and freezes on the surface, because sun can’t reach the northside wall.

Mid Term Review

The Culture of WaterDesign Intention Sublime objects are vast in their dimensions, beautiful ones comparatively small; beauty should be smooth, and polished; the great, rugged and negligent; beauty should shun the right line, yet deviate from it insensibly; the great in many cases loves the right line, and when it deviates, it often makes a […]

Quarry Crematorium

The area for the intervention is an abandoned quarry on the upper (southern) part of the strip. The quarry has an introverted atmosphere, where you don’t recognize the areas around, not even the near highway feels present. Utilizing this intimate atmosphere, the use of the intervention shall be a crematorium with a columbarium. The given […]

Midterm Review

Location of our strip, about 15 minutes by walk from center of Beckenried Site plan, Hazard map and Survey card to residents Section Under the highway Reference (Sand control dam/Market Hall in Aarau designed by Miller & Maranta)  Draft01/02 (Reference1.1: Cherry Orchard Cemetery in Yilan designed by Fieldoffice Architects, Reference1.2: Gurin Gurin in Fukuoka designed […]


The Culture of Water is a joint research study between the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and the Kyoto Institute of Technology. The study is developed by MA architecture students of both institutions through a series of workshops, research analysis and design proposals. The research Intends to reflect upon the architecture, forms of living and […]